Raspberry Rhubarb Pie!

One beautiful night after I visited a quite talented baker by the name of Leslie Mackie and after I got her newest cookbook called More form Macrina I was inclined to make something. And I decided on Raspberry Rhubarb Pie. I first made the crust (see my post  My First Pie Crust for further details) then I chopped my rhubarb, added sugar, cornstarch, orange, cinnamon and ground cloves, mixed them up and put them on the the stove. When I took them off they were in a sort of sauce. As I let the rhubarb cool I got some raspberries out and added sugar, vanilla and almond extract. Then I added the raspberry mix to the cooled rhubarb. I rolled out the pie dough and put it in the pie pan, put in the innards and did a lattice top and popped in the oven.  It was my first ever weaved lattice top (I have done criss-cross lattice tops too), and my mom helped a little. It cooked for like an hour and a half, and then it was ready! I couldn’t eat it that night because it wasn’t cooled until past my bed time but I had it for breakfast and oh what a treat! It was sooo good.  If you want to try the recipe start making it at lunch so you can have it for dessert because it takes a while.


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