Maximus/Minimus Food Truck Review

This week I went to Maximus/Minimus food truck. It’s pretty hard to miss. The food truck is a pig, it wears sunglasses and usually has a very long line. Maximus/Minimus is famous for their pulled pork. One pretty funny thing there is is that you get to order Maximus or Minimus. Maximus is usually a spicy choice. Minimus is a tangy or refreshing choice. As you might have already guessed I chose MAXIMUS!!! We ordered a Maximus pulled pork, Maximus Beecher’s Mac and Cheese (which is plain Beecher’s with a dollop of Maximus sauce), and lastly their Maximus drink, ginger lemonade. It’s pretty good food and I recommend you all try it. My dad thinks their portions are small, but it was plenty for me and my mom. If you’re hungry, order extra!


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