Marination Mobile

As you may have noticed, each week my mom and I go on a different food adventure.  You may also have noticed that they are usually food trucks. A couple weeks ago, it was Marination Mobile. This food truck is called big blue, but even though she is big, she is good at hiding. It took us for what seemed like hours hunting the truck down in the cold Seattle rain. Once we finally found her in the back of the building in a garage, we ordered immediately. All three of us (my sister had the privilege of being there too) ordered the same thing — these little Kahlua pork sliders with a side of kimchi fried rice. Every bit was delicious. The sliders are piled high with Kahlua pork, which is shredded, delicious and juicy. The kimchi fried rice was topped with an sunny side up egg and equally delicious. Reluctantly we headed back out in to the freezing rain taking our full bellies with us.


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