Making Turkey Meatloaf

Who doesn’t love a meatloaf? Oh that  satisfying piece of meat, mixed with sweet onions, and fragrant garlic. Well the other day I made just that, only better. This meatloaf was mixed with garlic, a massive Walla Walla sweet onion,  Worcestershire, and bits of diced bacon. Then this beautiful ball of meat became even more beautiful and was wrapped in a layer of salty, fatty, and magical bacon. To top it of I smeared it in a beautiful glaze of ketchup, dijon, and a little brown sugar. Now I do have a confession, and I hope you will not lose faith in this recipe, but the meat that this meatloaf uses is turkey. Please do not rely on any past prejudices you have or perhaps memories of gray, flavorless, and squishy mounds some raving lunatic decided to call turkey meatloaf, but  trust me and try this beautiful creation. Before I start getting into the steps involved in this recipe, I would like to give credit to Tyler Florence, the mastermind behind the best meatloaf I have ever had. Even more heavenly and delightfully fun recipes can be found in Tyler’s book,  Tyler Florence Family Meal.  To make this recipe go here.


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