El Camion

Yesterday I went to El Camion for lunch with my mom.  The truck was in SoDo right by Safeco and CenturylLink field which was pretty fun. I really suggest you try to get there first because the line is loooooooong (but it’s totally worth it). So anyway, I ordered a seasoned pork taco and a chorizo taco (the tacos are pretty small), and my mom ordered two fish tacos. As soon as we got our food we remembered that we could stay in our parking spot for only thirty minutes so we hurried back to our car. Eventually we decided to go to a waterfront park not too far from our house and ate there. The first bite and I knew why everyone calls it the best Mexican food truck in Seattle. The tacos were filled with your choice of meat and their own pico de gallo. They had to give two tortillas because there was so much juice. My chorizo was delicious and I have a sneaking suspicion that the seasoned pork was pig shoulder or butt because it was so fatty and delicious. Oh, I forgot to mention that we got chips and salsa with more pico de gallo and some jalapeno salsa. El Camion is the perfect food truck: it was not expensive and it was fresh and delicious.


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