Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

This is a recipe from Tyler Florence Family Meal and it is the most flavorful and amazing meatloaves I have ever made I highly recommend it so enjoy and get started.

To make this recipe you will need:

2 pieces of white bread                                                                                                               2 cups of whole milk                                                                                                                     2 cloves of minced garlic                                                                                                             7 to 8 strips of bacon plus a cup of diced bacon                                                                   one large yellow diced                                                                                                                   2 pounds of ground turkey breast                                                                                             one egg                                                                                                                                               3 tablespoons of ketchup

For the glaze:

1 cup ketchup                                                                                                                                     1/2 cup of dijon mustard                                                                                                               1 cup of brown sugar (I know it seems like a lot but the salt from the ketchup and   the slightly tangy acidity of the mustard balances it out)

I began by preheating the my oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit  and lining my baking sheet with parchment paper. Now I say the lining with parchment lightly, but it is very important because the bacon (bless it’s heart) that wraps the turkey leaks a bit of fat while baking in the oven, so if you don’t properly cover the baking sheet with parchment paper, it will be  a very messy and dismal clean-up. All I’m saying, is that when you line your baking sheet, don’t be shy when it comes to your parchment paper. Next, I shredded up 2 pieces of white bread and I mixed them with 2 cups of whole milk. This mixture, though hugely repulsive, it is also hugely important as it acts as the glue for you meatloaf.


After the I made the “glue” I mixed  1 cup of diced bacon, 2 cloves of minced garlic, and a large diced yellow onion  in a pan and I stirred it around until the onions were soft, and the mixture made my kitchen smell like heaven.IMG_0403

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you stir often so as not to let your garlic burn. Plus if you have ever burned garlic, you have most likely had nightmares of the ghastly stench that fills your kitchen when garlic is burned (or maybe thats just me). In any case once I finished cooking my garlic, bacon and onions, I put them in a bowl to cool.


While they were cooling, I made the glaze which consisted of 1 cup ketchup, 1/2 cup dijon mustard, and 1 cup lightly packed brown sugar. I put the ingredients for my glaze in a small sauce pan, and then I just stirred it around so my sugar dissolved.


By the time I was done with the glaze, my onion mixture was cooled and I poured 2 pounds of ground turkey breast turkey, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons of  ketchup, and my milk soaked bread (that I drained of excess whole milk) onto the onions, garlic and bacon.


I mixed the ingredients with my hands until no unmixed pockets remained and then I poured the meat out onto my baking sheet and formed them into two separate balls. Then the fun part came. I wrapped the loaves in a generous amount of bacon (about three to four slices each)and then I smothered them my glaze taking care to save some for extra topping later. Also, I like to pour some of my glaze in a little bowl and use that for brushing my loves with, because you won’t be able to use the glaze later if you taint it with a brush that has touched raw pork. After that I just popped them in the oven for an hour or until the internal temperature rises to 160 degrees fahrenheit.

While they were cooking, I whipped up some mashed potatoes and green beans to accompany this glorious meat-lovers meal. yum2

The dinner was great, just wonderful, but it  paled in comparison to leftovers the next day. The idea for the leftovers was my own, and if I don’t say so my self, AMAZING!! I started by pouring just enough olive to coat my skillet and then I laid out some slices of meat loaf on my pan. I waited until they were brown on one side then I flipped them and let the slices brown on the other side. Once they had finished I put them on a plate and added an extra splash of olive oil in my pan. Then I formed my left-over mashed potatoes into little cakes, put them in the pan and let them brown one both sides. Don’t worry if they fall apart, this process is just so they get warm and get a little crispy on the outside. Lastly, I took some toasted potato rolls (I used Macrina Bakery but you can use what ever bread you like) and slathered them with some dijon, a little bit of mayo and some glaze. Then I piled a potato cake, and a slice of meatloaf on the rolls and voila. This is super easy and delicious, next time I make this I might as well skip the normal meal and just do the sandwiches because they were the sooooooooo delectable. Okay now as I sometimes say drop everything, put on an apron, grab your kid or parent so they can join in the fun, and go cook this beauty right now, you won’t regret it!

Crab Cakes

This weekend I made crab cakes with my dad (my mom won’t do it because she would have screamed like a little girl if she even saw a live crab). The very first thing you do is clean the crab. That’s the easy part if your dad will do it for you. All you must do is get the guts out of the crab (my mom doesn’t even want to hear about that). My dad takes a live crab that he just caught, and then he hits the crab with a stick, and then quickly chops them in half. It’s pretty gross. Then he rinses them off in the saltwater. Once they are cleaned, we boil them to cook the meat. Here comes the hard part: shucking the crab. It’s long and tedious work. The shards of crab shell can give you cuts on your fingers. It can be hard to get the crab out of the shell. But then the fun part comes: making the crab cakes! All we did was make up our own recipe. So basically we used stuff that we had around like half a red pepper,Tabasco sauce (for a little kick), an egg, green onions, mayo and salt and pepper. I used a little more than a quarter of a cup for each crab cake, I molded them into patties and let them chill until we were ready to eat dinner. When we cooked them, all we had to do was cook them until golden brown in some butter and olive oil. I know what you’re thinking: “Why is it always golden brown?” My response to you “Just don’t ask questions I don’t know the answer to.” Now go off, get your crabbing license and make yourself some crab cakes! Oh and while you’re at it, make some cocktail sauce. Just mix a little horseradish with ketchup, and serve it with your crab cakes. Delicious!

First Fall Meal

On the night of September 17, 2013, I made my very first mashed potatoes! They were delicious. First I peeled the potatoes (I used 3 medium potatoes for this). It is harder than it looks but my mom told me to peel toward  myself, that was 10 times more easy.Then I cut them into medium chunks and then I put them in boiling water and let them sit until they were soft but not falling apart. After that, I  drained them and put them in a ricer. When you rice them put only a couple of chunks in the potato ricer. Then I put it in the mixer with warm butter and half & half. I whipped it until it was fluffy. I seasoned with salt and pepper (Always use more salt than you need). I ate this with pork chops, apple sauce (work of my grandmother) and green beans. That was my first fall meal.

Kids, you might need help boiling the water and dumping the potatoes into a colander, but the rest you could totally do! It will be easy to convince your parents to help because mashed potatoes are delicious.