Crab Cakes

This weekend I made crab cakes with my dad (my mom won’t do it because she would have screamed like a little girl if she even saw a live crab). The very first thing you do is clean the crab. That’s the easy part if your dad will do it for you. All you must do is get the guts out of the crab (my mom doesn’t even want to hear about that). My dad takes a live crab that he just caught, and then he hits the crab with a stick, and then quickly chops them in half. It’s pretty gross. Then he rinses them off in the saltwater. Once they are cleaned, we boil them to cook the meat. Here comes the hard part: shucking the crab. It’s long and tedious work. The shards of crab shell can give you cuts on your fingers. It can be hard to get the crab out of the shell. But then the fun part comes: making the crab cakes! All we did was make up our own recipe. So basically we used stuff that we had around like half a red pepper,Tabasco sauce (for a little kick), an egg, green onions, mayo and salt and pepper. I used a little more than a quarter of a cup for each crab cake, I molded them into patties and let them chill until we were ready to eat dinner. When we cooked them, all we had to do was cook them until golden brown in some butter and olive oil. I know what you’re thinking: “Why is it always golden brown?” My response to you “Just don’t ask questions I don’t know the answer to.” Now go off, get your crabbing license and make yourself some crab cakes! Oh and while you’re at it, make some cocktail sauce. Just mix a little horseradish with ketchup, and serve it with your crab cakes. Delicious!

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  1. I love crab cakes and have two cookbooks devoted to receipes for them. My wife Marcia and I met you and your parents yesterday at Prima Bistro. We were impressed by your sophisticated approach to food and cooking. I would enjoy giving you and your parents a special tour of the great kitchen of Seattle’s Rainier Club. Our celebrated chef and his remarkable team work in a state-of-the-art kitchen, on which we spent over a million dollars several years ago. Bill Morris, our Executive Chef, has a wonderful record of training young chefs, several of whom have won regional, national and international competitions. Our kitchen makes all of their own charcuterie, infusions, etc. I’m sure you would enjoy the experience. You may contact me at I will forward you the connection to Bill’s blog, so you can see many of his wonderful culinary creations. We hope you enjoy your visit to Whidbey! Glenn

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