The Oystercatcher


I recently dined at the Oystercatcher and I thought it was food worth talking about. One thing I enjoyed about the experience was that at the very beginning of the meal they had little smoked chips they made themselves with a fabulous dipping sauce.Then they had a palate cleanser at the middle of the meal (and I love any restaurant with a palate cleanser), and the very end featured delicious truffles. I really enjoy those little surprises in a meal. For our appetizers we chose blue cheese ebelskivers, which was perfect because I’m a sucker for blue cheese, and bone marrow, one of my favorites! Then for our entrees (I kind of picked off my parents’ plates) we had a delicious duck with croutons and some sort of orange colored puree (not sure what the vegetable was). It was really good. We also enjoyed a Painted Hills cow shoulder with a warm potato salad. We tried to hold back from the beignets with poached pear, and the molten chocolate cake but it was too much and we found ourselves gobbling down the superb desserts. The whole meal was so amazing I sent my compliments to the chef. Now I seriously recommend you go down to the Oystercatcher on beautiful Whidbey Island before I go and eat all the food. (I went for my tenth birthday)

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